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May 22, 2024

Picture of the Day

bshaa tova!
so why is the picture of a pregnant woman qualified for PotD? Because she isnt pregnant. This woman was arrested today, on Pesach Sheni, trying to smuggle a baby goat onto Har Habayit. She stuck the goat under her dress to make herself look pregnant and smuggle in the goat under the guise of pregnancy. 

A policeman noticed some strange movement and heard some unexpected noises, and checked her further, discovering the goat. The goat died of suffocation, without being slaughtered as a korban pesach.

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  1. "The goat died of suffocation" so sad 😌

  2. What's wrong with these people! Praying Moshiach comes and we'll have our Beit HaMikdash
    and then we'll talk about karbanot.


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