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May 2, 2024

Tweet of the Day

I am not sure if this should be counted as Tweet of the Day or as Troll of the Day. I am going with Tweet of the Day, but really not sure that is the correct decision...

Minister of Internal Security Itamar Ben Gvir tweeted:
Galant, one of the leaders of the Conception and one of the leading people responsible for the failure of October 7, has no mandate to appoint generals and mold the coming leadership of the IDF General Staff. The appointments he has now decided on today in conjunction with the Chief of Staff show us that he is decidedly  showing contempt of the Israeli public.
This has no connection to the identities of the officers who have been appointed - it is very possible some of them are very worthy, but the decision-making capability of Galant to continue as if nothing happened under his responsibility as Defense Minister over the greatest failure in the history of the State.
In light of this, I call upon the Prime Minister to fire Galant from his position - he is not worthy to continue serving as Defense Minister.

1. Ben Gvir has called for the firing of Galant several times already. Maybe he needs to be more impactful if this is something he really wants - he is part of this government and if this is as serious a matter as he claims, he can threaten to bring down the government as he has done for other matters.

2. Ben Gvir has been Minister of Internal Security, in charge of the police. It seems he too was responsible for a large part of the failure of October 7. The police failed to protect the people of Israel along the border. The army failed as did the police. Ben Gvir should be fired, by his own logic, and should be prevented from making appointments.

3. PM Netanyahu was the leading person behind the Conception for many years, and holds ultimate responsibility. if he is not bringing them all to task, including the Prime Minister, how can he just try to bring one of them to task?

4. Should the army proceed to function short-handed? Until everyone responsible leaves their roles (ie after the end of the war), these changes cannot be made, so they have to be made now, like it or not. If the people responsible (ie pretty much the entire government and probably the entire leadership of the security forces) cant be fired or be forced to resign just yet, they still have to be able to continue to function.

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