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May 26, 2024

violence breeds violence

While many Haredim (some are calling them extremists from the various extreme communities) have spent the later part of the day flocking to Meron, despite the closure and the danger of missiles from Hezbollah, the police have been trying to keep them off. Some incidents of violence have been reported. Despite the danger and the breaking of the rules, I don't think violence like this is warranted - a Magav soldier shoving an elderly man who does not seem to be violent or a threat to the ground. The elderly man needed to be taken tot he hospital to have his wounds treated.

People are shocked and wondering how this can happen.

Violence breeds more violence. The police and Magav in Israel were always overly violent to begin with. Now they have a Minister in charge of them who encourages them to be even more violent than they were in many situations, and the violence just breeds more violence. They cant turn it on and off at a whim. 

The violent tendencies of the police need to be rooted out. You cant pick out one incident and judge it. They arent violent in a vacuum.

Yes, the police have a lot to deal with. Protestors, people who think the law doesn't apply to them, terrorism, danger. Today they were forced to be present in one of the most dangerous spots in Israel because some people think the law doesnt apply to them and maybe they were frustrated at the situation and at the people. None of that is a good recipe for calm enforcement, but with violence too often encouraged, the chances for explosive situations increases tenfold.. 

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  1. That elderly man should not have been there in the first place.

    1. You are correct, however, the elderly man, whether he should’ve been There are not should not have been pushed down

    2. I don’t know if he should have been there. Some people had permits. That remains to be seen.

      As far as those who did not have permits, they were breaking the law and illegally present in a closed military zone. Why can’t the police enforce a closed military zone? I’m no expert, but I would have just arrested them one by one and kept them in jail for thirty days. The ones who violently resist arrest at the site can be arrested on the way out. And if a few evade arrest, the police will still have made their point.

  2. The video looks horrific, but you can not make a judgement call from a clip that is a few seconds long without knowing the context.

    Without seeing what was going on before this video took place, it is impossible to determine why the officer pushed the individual walking away from him and whether it was a reasonable action.

  3. If they are really Jewish soldiers, police officers, etc., they should never beat or hurt elderly people or children, in general. If people are not violent in any way, a Jewish officer should never think of hurting, in any way, another Jew. It is a disgrace that we have lost our way to a
    such a degree. No wonder we, as a people and the 'state'', are suffering.

  4. "Videos shared online showed ultra-Orthodox visitors throwing chairs, crates and other objects at police, as well as crowds moving through the compound site, at times running in an apparent attempt to bypass police restrictions on entry." from Times of Israel. 19 police officers were hurt.
    People purposely bring children to these types of demonstrations. Is it OK for the people who were there illegally to hurt police officers? We have really lost our way.


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