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May 12, 2024

Shame on the US government

The report from the Washington Post is shocking and upsetting.

Besides for the fact that Israel is an ally of the USA and at war, there are American citizens being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.

According to the report, the USA has been holding concrete information regarding Hamas tunnels that Israel is supposedly not aware of, including information as to the whereabouts, in the tunnels, of Hamas leaders, and where hostages are being held. Not only has it been withholding this information but now it is willing to horse-trade with Israel for it.

Maybe had Israel been made aware of this information earlier the Rafah  offensive would never have been necessary in the first place. Maybe this war could have been over months ago. 

How long has the USA had this information and been keeping it to themselves? Does the USA really not care about finishing this war, getting rid of Hamas leadership and getting the hostages back? It seems the US government is more concerned about protecting Hamas than of Israel winning the war or keeping the hostages safe and bringing them home.

How dare you! Shame! Shame! How can keeping Hamas safe be your ultimate priority??!!

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