Feb 26, 2007

Al Sharpton and Strom Thurmond

This is not a story that would normally get mentioned on my blog, but I could not resist the irony of this information.

The NY Daily News has discovered via the research of some genealogists that Reverend Al Sharpton's great grand-daddy was a slave of the great grand-daddy of (the late) Senator Strom Thurmond.

Oh, the irony!


  1. I wonder if any of Al Sharpton ancestors were ever lynched by any of the fellow Klansmen of Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV).

    Or is it only Republicans? :)

  2. Mike,

    As crudely and ham-fisted your approach to twist this story into apartisan replublican vs.democrat issue, that is so not the point. Rafi was relaying a news release that was about two famous figures on opposite ends of the political spectrum which is interesting and ironic. If the geneologists had found a link and the new york post had publicised the story of being between a democrat's lineage and al sharpton's why is it I doubt you would ask, is it only democrats?
    Can't we just enjoy an interesting discovery without having to twist it around in order to protect your team?

  3. I am not going to get involved in this. I only wanted to point out an ironic story, not criticize anyone involved (or not involved)

  4. Dan, relax.

    I was trying to make a small joke out of it; I don't think that either Strom Thurmond or Robert Byrd currently profess any racially offensive views publically (well, Thurmond isn't professing _anything_ these days, but as of 2003), and thus, I agree that it's somewhat ironic. I was also wondering if a similar irony would exist on the other side of the aisle.

    Politics and positions from 50 years ago often have very little to do with modern opinions; all the more so a fact that this that was over a hundred years ago, and involved relatives.

    Perhaps I needed another :) at the end of my message...

  5. oh, and I did laugh when I first saw it.

    I do enjoy the irony, especially seeing as how I'm not _that_ concerned with American politics these days (except for those that affect either influences on my security here in E"Y, or those that affect my taxes...)

  6. Sorry. I was in a rotten mood when I replied. And it doesn't help that polotics have become so partisan and rancerous that I get easily frustrated on the subject.



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