Feb 20, 2007

crazy Google error

I tried doing a search in Google and got this crazy error...



  1. It's 2007 and you're using MSIE? Get with the times, Rafi; open-source is all the rage, I recommend Firefox.

  2. thanks for the advice. I use IE for some things and firefox for some things... FF has glitches with hebrew and my bank stuff and some others. so I mix between the two.

  3. Rafi - the google thig is very random. I have had it happen to me as well every now and then - not sure what triggers it but I wouldn't worry about it too much!

    As for IE VS. Firefox - I am a big fan of FF and have been using it happily for a while now - As for the Hebrew - this is a real issue - and there a few petitions out there to try and get those Major sites to update their site so that it also has FF support!


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