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Feb 24, 2007

Voices for Israel: Chazak (video)


  1. i didn't know anyone actually says hazak ve-nithazak (other than yoav of course).

    shavu'ah tov

    -ari kinsberg

  2. who is yoav?

    If I am not mistaken, while you are correct and we all generally say chazak chazak v'nitchazek, I am pretty sure the correct grammar of it is v'nitchazak...

  3. somewhere in shemuel bet, yoav says "hazak ve-nithazak." i think this is where we get the phrase from. i once read somewhere about why the difference in pronounciation (due to grammar evolution) but i don't remember where or what.

    (similar to yigadal vs. yitgadel?)

    -ari kinsberg


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