Feb 27, 2007

You're it!

It seems I have been tagged . The latest thing going around is the game in which you select your two favorite blogs you read. they are then tagged and select theirs, yada yada yada.

I read a bunch of blogs and I like them all. I am not really sure how to choose a favorite, as I like different blogs for different reasons.

So, I will select two blogs, that might or might not be my favorite. I am selecting two blogs that I enjoy reading and I am specifically choosing two blogs that I think are smaller and might not be as well known. They can benefit from the exposure, more than the larger blogs can (not that a link from my sire provides all that much exposure, but every little bit counts).

Also, I am an equal opportunity blogger, so I will take the lead of some other bloggers who did so and I will tag one guy blogger and one gal blogger.


DAG and I'm Haaretz


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