Feb 9, 2007

Foto Friday: Mazel tov!!

I have not done a Foto Friday in a while, but today's events called for it.

Mazel tov!! Goose has laid her first egg of the new season!!

and for some perspective so you can see how large the goose egg is....


  1. Mazel tov that is the biggest egg I have seen.

  2. Is it good for the gander?
    Did it ever lay a golden one?
    Does the goose-egg represent the number of World Series the Cubs won in the past 98.5 years?
    Eggcellent news, Rafi!

    (Ok, when the puns start coming out, you know it's time to stop)

    Mazal Tov!

  3. thanks, all

    no golden eggs. she laid her second egg today, so I guess the answer about the world series is no.

  4. That's gonna make one heck of an omlet!


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