Feb 19, 2007

Oops, she did it again!

Britney Spears is a bit eccentric. Either that or she is converting to Satmar Hassidut.

She made the news again the other day with her new haircut - a completely shaved head.

I guess she has the right to style her hair whatever way she wants, and plenty of people shave their heads nowadays (most of them men, but what's the difference anyway?), so no big deal. No skin off my back, as they say.

When this was the breaking news on every news site the other day, I commented to my wife how unusual it is. The site we were reading (I think CNN) had a couple of pictures of her, one with her long hair and one with the shaven head. My wife suggested that maybe she donated her hair to a cancer organization or something like that. We were fairly impressed that we could be "melamed zechut" (find a meritous way of explaining the situation), even though she has a reputation of being a bit hasty and freaky.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I said that could not be. These celebrities live for PR. There is no way she cut her hair and donated it to charity. If she had, that would be the most prominent part of the article.

We joked about maybe she did it anonymously to fulfill the preference of charity being anonymous. Maybe, being the kabbalist that she is or at least used to be, that was important to her and she donated anonymously. We still doubted it though.

A Bisele Babke's post on the topic prompted me to write about this here. Babke links to an eBay auction in which Britney's hair is being auctioned off for about $100,000,000. There goes the theory that she might have donated her hair for a good cause.

I clicked on the link and found that the auction had been removed. It might indicate the whole auction was a fraud/prank, or maybe the owner pulled it for other reasons.

Again, the theory of the hair donation is back on the table.

But now I see this in the news - it is really true. Britney is selling her hair for $1,000,000. Captialism at its best. Or maybe she thinks her talent has limited earning potential now that she is a single mother of two and perceived as an unstable person, so she has begun to sell body parts in order to generate income.

What's next? Will her kidney go up for sale on eBay?


  1. Rafi,

    Brittney is not selling her hair. The guy at the barbershop collected the cuttings off the floor and the barbershop is selling the hair. Apparantly she was in the mood for a lifestyle change. Nothing wrong with that, unless your a celebrity apparantly.

  2. I understood from the article that she chose that shop to sell the hair for her. She cut it herself when her stylist refused to do it.
    I do nto care that she cut her hair. I even said so. I find it "funny" that she is selling it like that...

  3. The truth is that she is a disturbed young lady and it's sad that she is spiralling downward in full glare of the media's harsh gaze. The real victims of her behavior are her two small children. They don't seem to play any role in her life choices whatsoever. The other victims are the tweens who idolize her and spend all their money on her music, magazines that discuss her, clothing that mimics her style. Will they be shaving their heads too I wonder? Maybe "bald is beautiful" will apply to young girls now.

  4. it is a shame. It also looks like she is now afraid she is going to lose custody of her kids to her husband because of her instability. If she was smart she would stop making herself seem crazy in public and would try to straighten herself out.

  5. Her life has turned into a carnival freak show. It's unfortunate, because she is actually a fairly talented young lady. I wish I could stop rubbernecking, but I find her downfall fascinating...


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