Feb 18, 2007

mid-life crisis

No, not mine. Not yet, at least. I have not yet hit mid-life (I hope) - I am only 34.

Scottie Pippen, though, seems to be having one.

This might not interest many of you, but being a Chicago sports fan, I could not pass this up... Scottie Pippen has announced at the NBA All-Star festivities that he is in great shape and thinks he can make a comeback and play for a team.

Pippen is 41 years old. If he can get the energy up to play with 21 year olds and not get a)a heart attack b) embarrassed c) injured d) all of the above e) all of the above + much worse than I say more power to him. let him ride this mid-life crisis out.

He was a great ball player and obviously has a few loose screws if he thinks he can really do this. If a team is willing to take the chance, and if the league insurance is willing to take the chance with him, than maybe let Pip lace up!!

It is kind of funny but he even took the time to "dis" Jordan, as he claimed he was better than Jordan, or at least more desirable as a team player for coaches and teammates.


  1. Oh, I'm sure there will be a team willing to let him lace up. If for no other reason, fans will come out in droves - whether to see shades of his former greatness or to see how the mighty have fallen....


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