Feb 16, 2007

trip to Turkey was a success

So said PM Ehud Olmert upon his return from Turkey.

Hmmm. Let's see how successful it was.

Olmert went there stating that his goal is to convince the Turks to help get Syria to release Eli Cohen's body from captivity.

Olmert then said he will be trying to muster support against Iran.

Those were his two stated goals in going to Turkey.

And what did he come home with? Eli Cohen's body? A strong multi-national coalition including Turkey against Iran?


Olmert came home with Turkish inspectors to supervise an engineering and archaeological dig that we have every right to perform with no need to ask anybody's permission. He has sold us out to foreign supervisors. We now have to get the approval of the government of Turkey before we do anything? Is that the position Olmert has now put us in? Has he sold us down the river again?


  1. How is it possible that nearly 100% of this country's citizens are against this government, and this is the first time i can remember that there aren't serious efforts being made to topple the government??? THIS is the coalition that's going to march along unchallenged??

    And yes, I want another day off of work for elections.


  2. Frankly, can you expect anything different from him?
    Even a total non-believer has to see the Yad Hashem in Israel's political situation. There is no other way to explain a group of fools leading a country virtually unchallenged.

  3. ummmm, I am a total non believer and do not see any part, hand or other, of hashem anywhere. The govt of Israel is not being challanged because there is no one with a shred of legitimacy left in Israeli politics. Who would challange? Netanyahu the whore or Barak the arrogant fool, maybe one of the indicted shas leaders or perez, doesne't he desearve anout shot? perhaps one of the many disgraced army leaders. People are disillusioned and better the devil you know... besides Olmeret is probably the best loser of the bunch.

  4. dan - the main part of what you wrote is IFT's point.. with all that and how bad it looks, the fact that Israel exists and is fairly successful says (to a lot of people) that Hashem must be the one in charge. Otherwise, with all the failed leaders running the show Israel should really be a failed start-up...

  5. i guess he felt he had to come back with something. i hope he also came back with travellers's diarrhea.

    do you by any chance know a doctor named moshe halberstat (lives in bet shemesh)

    -ari kinsberg

  6. Ach rafi, While ift and I both agree that the govt is a confederate of dunces, y'all seem to believe that the situation is unique to Israel and therefore must be Yad Hashem. I was giving rational reasons why the govt is not being toppled, but the same holds true for many countries including America. Bush is on the verge of bankrupting the country to say nothing of not having caught bin laden and a misrable failure of a war...yada yada yada. Or England where the country is led by a group of bucktooth inbreds. A good govt is rare. And most countries survive their bad govt for awhile. It took Rome hundreds of years to collapse.

  7. ari - I do not know him

    dan - no problem. you two look at the same thing and see things differently.

  8. yes we see things differently. But the underlying reason for seeing things diiferently is interesting. When confronted with a question one can try to find a rational, human, explanation or one can use the default setting of god.
    Imagine in a math class if asked the sum of an equation if your answer was, the sum is whatever god wants it to be. Or in science class if asked what a chemical reaction would be and your answer is , whatever god wants it to be.

    The word ill comes from the middle ages word ei(v)el...pronounced eel. They felt that if one got sick, the flu for instance, it was because your humours were out of alignment because you were out of harmony with god. there were four humours, earth, wind, fire, and water. Each humour related to a different part of the body. So earth for example is signified (if I remember correctly) bile and green phlegm. So basically, if you got a flu it was because you were evil.
    Now we know that the flu is an infection.

  9. none of that (the last part) made sense to me.

  10. What that last part meant was a clear example of how society at large did not understand a situation and gave the default answer of 'it must be god.' they then went on to construct and entire library of books debating and explaining how and why god works. And today we know that a little itty bitty microorganisim is responsible and all that wealth of information and study and 'pilpul' on how and why god makes someone sick has gone out the window.
    In today's world we see the same situation with the big bang for example. Because we have a good question without a good answer )yet) some people default and say, it must be god. Or polotics, people don't have a satisfactory answer and say 'yad hashem.'

    Not every good question has a good answer (yet) but not having an answer or not accepting an explanation does not mean that it must be god's doing.


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