Feb 4, 2007

Betting on Da Bears

Today is the day! Go Bears!!

I will predict a Bears victory by a score of 27-21. I made up that score. I have no idea how to predict a score and just assume everybody else also make up the scores they predict.

My stats: I always predict the Bears to win. That means, the Bears went 13-3 in the regular season and are now 2-0 in the playoffs, making them 17-3 so far for the season. That means I have been wrong three times and right 17 times.
That is a much higher percentage than the experts who have predicted the Bears to lose nearly every game this season. So, if you are betting on the game tonight, your chances are better betting in line with me than with the experts. But I take no responibility for your bet (just like they don't).


  1. I actually like the Bears. I believe that Rex Grossman has it in him to be one of the greats if he can just become more consistent. But being from Tennessee, I must go with the Indianapolis Colts and that fine product of the Tennessee Volunteers - Peyton Manning!

  2. So far, were ahead. Do you paint your face?

  3. miz - I watched the game with a friend from Memphis ( and a few from Chicago)..

    Neil - I am not that crazy. Maybe if I was at the game I would but being at home, no way...


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