Feb 28, 2007

El Al apologizes

Below is the letter of apology from El Al to the Haredi public publicized in today's Haredi papers

Basically it says that El Al apologizes for the latest incident and it has every intention to continue keeping shabbos as agreed. This incident was an exception that was not in the hands of El Al and they apologize, blah blah blah

Below is the notice put out by the Haredi organization responsible for dealing with El Al about shabbos issues:

The response of the vaad says basically that it is very disturbed by the latest incident, especially in light of the recent agreement. El Al has apologized for it.. They are working towards setting a procedure in which future incidents will be avoided. The Rabbonim have requested certain further points that need to be resolved. Only after these issues are completely resolved to the satisfaction of the gedolim can they put out a statement saying there is no lack of trust any longer between us and El Al.

1 comment:

  1. I hope for the good of everyone involved that this gets settled quickly.


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