Aug 31, 2010

A 5 AM rally in Bet Shemesh

Residents of Bet Shemesh were complaining this morning that someone was making a lot of noise at 5 in the morning waking everyone calling them to come say selichos.

It is not typical for this to happen, and it was not happening in the older sections of Bet Shemesh that are largely a sefardic population that says selichos now, rather it was in the areas near the newer haredi areas that are largely ashkenazic that do not yet say selichos. It was therefore difficult to understand what was going on.

I received now from the Neturei Karta email list the following statement and pictures, explaining what it was all about.

Here is the statement (my translation):

The sister city of Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, has also given her voice in an early morning rally, as thousands of the Haredi community of Bet Shemesh, led by the Rav shlit"a, woke up early for a large hafgana to arouse the mercy of Heaven and to analyze our actions, why and for what have the troubles of disturbing the dead come upon us recently. Also, in this rally, the seder of tehillim was said, all went in accordance with the rally in Jerusalem..

Aren't you happy that this worthwhile 5AM rally is what you were woken for?


  1. is gezel shina not a d'oraysa?

  2. were they trying to have as few people possible awake to see this?

    weird kind of demonstration....

  3. What would the real Gra say?September 01, 2010 12:30 AM

    Someone should tell R' Kornfeld (sitting proudly on the dais) that gezel shina is a d'oraysa.

    And people actually follow this guy?

  4. interesting. I didnt notice him before..

  5. Gezel is not gezel if it has an ulterior motive, or is against the infidel.

  6. If the Gra people (and other sheep who hang on his every word) would realize how much a real kanoi R' Kornfeld is they would run from there like mad.

  7. Neturei Karta has an email list? They use the internet? How do you get on that list?

  8. they have a few websites, and a few email lists.

    the main email list I am on you send an email requesting to subscribe to

    besides that, they have websites

    and probably more. there is also a NK USA email list you can sign up for from one of those websites.

    Besides that, the Eida Haredis also has an email list they send out their weekly bulletin on, and the occasional announcement.

    funny? ironic? the CAPTCHA word verification for this comment is making my type in "nymph". no joke.

  9. I am very shocked and saddened to see HoRav Kornfeld in these pictures.

    He certainly has the right to his opinion about this issue but has no right to be a part of this inconsiderate group who woke sleeping babies and their parents.

    Why wasn't he screaming when teenagers were beaten on that very same block? Where is his protest to the plague of child abuse in our community? How early will he get in the morning up to deal with school situations that are turning our kids away from Torah Judasim?

    I have lost any respect that I may have had for him.

    Perhaps he should stay in RBSB.

  10. mr coward anonyomous of 117 am - gezel is gezel from good honest people, even if you believe your reason is correct.

    at 3 in the afternoon it may not be gezel as most people can be assumed to be up, but not at 5 am.

  11. Shaya - you are a lazy bum. For me 5 Am is the middle of the day and I think it is safe to assume everyone, or mosrt people at least, are up at 5 am. And if not, they should be. The lazy bums.


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