Aug 29, 2010

Lease new or buy second-hand sheitel

Israel Channel 2 and Yisrael Hayom had articles today about a unique twist to the wig business in the frum world.

If you wear your hair out, you can go get your hair styled and cut, as often as you want, with a new style. If you wear tichels, hats and snoods, you can also change the colors, the designs and the styles as often as you like.

When you wear wigs, changing style costs a lot of money. You would have to buy a whole new wig which can cost thousands of shekels. If you want a short style, the hair isn't going to then grow long for when you want the long style. (god forbid you buy a few cheap wigs and style them accordingly).

So a innovative chain of wig stores has come up with a new business model for the wig market - you lease the wig for the year instead of buying it. Just like leasing a car. The cost of the leasing includes a monthly washing and setting, and at the end of the year you can either renew the lease or take out a lease on a different wig with a different style. You can now change your wig styles without breaking the bank!

Interestingly, the person quoted in the article said, "The trend was to have a short hairstyle like [British singer Victoria Beckham], but when you want to lengthen it, it is a problem. Especially with the price of the quality wigs costing today between 5000 and 10000 shekels. Now the women can get new styles regularly and not be stuck with the same old styles for up to 5 years."

It should also improve the business. With the economy today I am sure fewer and fewer people are ready to easily lay out such large amounts of money for wigs as often as they used to. This might make it easier for people to still get new styles without breaking the bank. It is an interesting way for them to come out and give a boost to their industry.

I wonder though what they will do with the wigs at the end of the year. It says the lessee will have the ability to buy it for a "symbolic" price. Will women buy the wigs or will they just lease a new one? Will the wig store then develop a market for second hand wigs? Will women even buy second hand wigs? Or will the wigs be tossed in the garbage after one year of use?


  1. Like new cars that lose 50% of their value in the first year, sheitl leasing prices should reflect that too.

    The only problem is that sheitls don't have odometers, so you'll never know if a 2-year-old resale was worn daily or only weekly.

  2. so would they be able to sell second hand sheitels cheap? maybe it would be a cheap option for people who cannot afford a brand new sheitel...

    or would a woman never wear a second hand sheitel?

    obviously it would have to be cleaned and sterilized.

  3. I've seen women advertising their used sheitls on the list. I always wonder how many succeed at selling them.


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