Aug 31, 2010

Rami Levy to enter the cellular market

Rami Levy, the supermarket mogul who has been daring in the types of discounts he has offered on goods and has led the way in causing other supermarkets to follow suit and lower prices and offer discounts, has now applied for a license to join the cellular phone industry.

Levy said that the expense of communications is the second largest household expense in Israel. He said, "When I lowered priced of "the shopping cart", I caused the whole industry to lower prices... the same will happen now with the cellular phone industry - I will lower prices and that will cause a chain reaction among the competitors. The consumer will benefit from this."

Keep going Rami Levy. And we are still waiting for you to open a supermarket in Bet Shemesh!


  1. The office of the Rami Levy in Talpiot under the movie theater, when I visited there in the past month, claimed that a Rami Levy would be in Bet Shemesh within a year! Let's see if we celebrate next Rosh Hashanah with a Rami Levy here in Bet Shemesh.

  2. I sent an email to Rami Levi about half a year ago asking about a supermarket in bet shemesh. He responded that they had plans to and had already almost opened one previously but negotiations over the property fell through right before signing. he told me then that they do not have a timetable but it is still on the agenda.


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