Aug 19, 2010

Itai Shechter dons a kipa after scoring a goal (video)

The sports incident rocking the Israel sports scene is footballer Itai Shechter donning a red kipa, to match the red uniform, after scoring a goal against the Austrian team they were playing in Austria. He donned the kipa, covered his eyes and said the Shema and gave thanks to Hashem for the goal.

He is being criticized for being provocative, as if he was trying to upset the opposing team and their fans. Shechter says it was just simple, and he had no intention to provoke anyone. Just to thank God and he was happy that many Jews back home were watching and would be happy.

He said a tzaddik of a bochur gave him the kipa in the airport and he decided he would take it, put it in his sock and if he wanted to he would put it on at some point.

Yesh Koneh Olamo B'shaah Achat...

Itai Shechter responds to the criticism:


  1. Agree. A definite Kiddush Hashem.

  2. Keren Kupa Shel Lev Tzedaka Ha'irAugust 19, 2010 9:50 PM

    Imagine the goal if he would have given to Kupat Ha'ir!

  3. BEAUTIFUL ,inspiring and the pintele yid is burning bright. This will make an impression on so many viewers. KOL HAKAVOD!!

  4. Lean to the RightAugust 20, 2010 8:05 AM

    Kal Hakavod to him! Just as Yaakov Avinu thanked HaShem by saying Shema this guy wanted to show hakaros hatov as well.

    But wait until he finds out that donning a kipa sruga just isn't enough.

    It has to be black, velevet with a seret and large enough for a Chazon Ish shiur of cholent.

  5. Baruch Hashem!

    Itai Shechter showed respect for G-d. Its rare to see that from someone in public life these days.

    All of our blessings in life flow from Hashem. Even a victory in a football match deserves a moment of gratitude towards Heaven.

    And Jews should be proud of him!


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