Aug 25, 2010

Rapaport responds to attacks

A Follow-Up Guest Post by Yehoshua Shapiro, a Parent of a child in Rapaport

Thank you to Rafi for allowing me to Post here.

Yesterday we received in the mail 2 letters from the school - one written by the founder of the school and other by the menehal (see letters below). I think they are a must read to get a complete understanding what is going on here.

Here at work today I bumped into someone who works here as well, but on another floor, who happens to live in Ramot alef. She said that she was not aware of people being upset at Rapaport but the people were upset with the Irya. Someone read what I had written earlier and said I did not write strong enough. I think after reading these 2 letters people will have a better understanding of what is going on.

If these people who are demonstrating would feel strong in their education system they would not feel threaten when a school moves in that is not a mirror image of itself. I live in Har Nof and there a fine talmid chacham who gives shiur every shabbos which is well attended by all streams of bnai torah and he is a very fine person, and he himself studied at Yishuv and from there went on to learn in Itri where he is a ram today.

What I am trying to say is I don’t think that any one system is putting out the finest bnai torah. You find bnai torah from all yeshivot and what occurred and what written about in the Yated has no positive effect, and as my grandmother use to say if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything.


  1. thank you for putting this up in such a timely matter.

    Kol tuv,


  2. When are the people in blog land going to wake up and realize that there is nothing to discuss here.

    In most parts of the Charedi world it's "my way or the highway".

    They smile when you send their organizations money but would have nothing further to do with you (unless they can convince you to abandon your sinister ways and become like them).

    This isn't Charedi's the pain and bruises of being bashed by them for so long.

  3. I want to know where Rav Shabtai Rapaport is hiding through all this. Why isnt he making his voice heard?

    Is he not affiliated with the school, or is he chicken (like most other non-chareidi talmidei chachamim) to defend himself againat chareidi onslaught.

    He can take on all those spiritually constipated Gedolim while half asleep. No joke.


  4. Dear anonymous,
    Rav Shabtai wife wrote a letter I an asure that reflects his feelings as well what is it that you would him to do. I think that the parent that posted in defense of Rapaport did a very nice job and derserves a break in tuition. I believe that the people who waged this campaign against rapaport are going to be the sore losers and are going to regret having started up.

    csiva vchasima tova

    also a proud parent in Rapaport

  5. I live in Haredi Ramot, and I am personally shocked by this whole campaign against the Rapaport school. Even though I send my kids to Haredi schools, I have been very disappointed with the lack of general studies, especially for the boys. Also, I have been in Ramot long enough to remember when there was practically no one frum in Ramot Aleph, so I am really puzzled where these Rabbonim are getting their sense of entitlement. Finally, I completely agree with the point that someone with a reasonable amount of confidence in their own path has nothing to be afraid of from people who go in what is, after all, only a slightly different way.

  6. Ephraim,
    Well I've also been here in Chareidi Ramot for about 25 years but I'm not so shocked, more disappointed, really.

    I think the attack on Rapaport's hashkafah is only a tool to get the resource from the Iriyah. They need the wide support of the chareidi tzibbur, including the chassidim and eidah chareidis people who would never think twice about the crowded classroom conditions of the Litvish cheider boys (who are probably close to 40% Sefardim, by the way).

    Which makes it so much more disappointing, because it seems to me they don't really care so much about the hashkafah but are only using it as a tool to get country-wide chareidi outrage.

    Of course, Gideon Saar played into their hands by making statements how this school will be a model for changes in chareidi education across the country, or something to that effect, supposedly.


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