Aug 29, 2010


The following was an email sent to one of the local email lists...

Anyone want pun delivered to The Ohel of Lubavitch Rebbe before Tishrei...

We are travelling to The Ohel [leaving this Thursday night] and are happy to take with your puns

I didn't know it was a custom to send puns to the Rebbe zt"l..

it was probably a typo, but I could not think of what the real message would have been. So in the spirit, leave your best puns for the Rebbe in the comments..


  1. Rafi, I heard that Simchat Yechiel canceled having Dovid Orlofsky speak at BTYA due to last week's debacle. Did you hear this?

  2. Akiva - thats not funny.. :-)

    anon - no idea.

  3. I was wondering when his strong statements against a local resident - who was personally defended by Rabbi Malinowitz - would suggest a change from the same speaker annually to more of a sampling.

    Another tzedakah organization was thinking of bringing him in for an event. When the organizer asked my opinion I said take the other one and gave a strong reason but not the real one - our community doesn't need someone who handles controversy in publicly controversial ways.

  4. Akiva is right, it is usually pronounced Pa"n - pidyon nefesh. Sometimes called simply a 'pidyon'.


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