Aug 30, 2010

A Miracle, I guess...

I guess it is a miracle, but...

Last night I saw reported on the Haredim WAP site that a miracle happened as someone drove up to the shtieblech to daven. he parked his car on the side and ran out to go to the shtiebele. As he was davening, a cement block fell on his car from a wall above.

It was declared a miracle, as it could have killed him, sort of I guess, had he been there and not inside davening.

But, while it damaged the top of the car (I saw the picture), it didnt go through, so it would not have hit him in the head and killed him, even had he still been in the car. And second, had he not gone to daven there he would not have been placed under the falling rock, so just like it fell while he wasnt there because he was inside davening, it would have fallen while he wasnt there but was two blocks away learning in his kollel in the Mir Yeshiva. But I guess it is close to home, as it hit his car, so it is his miracle..

Hodu LaHashem Ki Tov!


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  2. Wow, the miracle "bar" has really been lowered.

  3. One fellow was once driving and noticed a vehicle in front of him with a load precariously tied to the roof that looked like it might become dislodged at any minute. The fellow changed lanes just in case and sure enough, the load crashed in the spot where he would have been. He asked his Rov if he should bench gomel and the Rov asked him if he benches gomel every time his wife washes his pants. He said no. The Rov said, but if you would have been inside them when she washed them you would have been injured!

  4. Keren Lev Shel Tzedaka Ha'irAugust 30, 2010 7:35 PM

    I guess he gave a TON to Kupat Ha'ir that morning.

  5. bp - hilarious!

    Keren - cute.. that could have been in the pun to the rebbe post...

  6. didja hear about the 91 yr old woman who gave to Kupat ha'ir and then became pregnant? She went to the local collector and said, what's this? he replied, Oh no, your name must have been put on the wrong list!

  7. At the time Hundreds of Africans died of starvation and thousands more got some river borne diseases but god still had time to save some guy from being hit by a rock.

  8. Anonymous - but we all know Hashem doesn't care about schvartzers, right?

    Rafi - If charedim would WORK, maybe they'd have had the money to fix the wall, and not wait until concrete blocks started falling on people.


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