Aug 31, 2010

Adi Ran: V'Ata Kadosh (video)


  1. How come regular charedim can't get away with having a woman, but Breslovers do it and are not condemned? Can someone answer this?

  2. it is the shtuyot of the regular charedim. just because others dont play along doesnt mean they are wrong...

  3. anon - i did not uinderstand what you meant buy "having a woman"

    as a wife?

    Maybe my confusion is due to my not being able to see the video.

    Is there a link to you Tube?

  4. here is the clip on youtube

    he meant showing a woman in the clip. not having a wife.

  5. ok. found the video.

    understand your question.

    first. there is another unusual thing here - religious and non-religious poeple participating in something together.

    I think that Breslovers are so out of the mainstream haredi anyway the other haredim do not feel any need to condemn them. much like they do not condemn secular jews so long as what the secular are doing does not affect Haredim (or can be used by the askoonim to rile up the herd).

    THis has to do with the fact that Breslov is not a social thing like much of the Haredi world (and other worlds..) are.

    Breslov is about the individuals relationship w/ G-d not with the individuals standing in society. SO therefor Breslovers (not all, as many have fallen into the social trap with a breslov flavor) will do things that they understand are what G-d is desirous of - whther the movers and shakers of society agree or not. SO Breslov is so out of mainstream since Haredi society is very into the value of peer pressure and Breslov at it's core shuns that.

    Personaly, I thought that Mrs. Rand's performance in Ushpizin was a very positive thing but in this video - I am not sure what the positive aspects were that overode the tznius concerns. unless if one is making a 'reunion' video (i guess that what this was?) and leaves out a major charachter - it is odd. Even still something bothered me about the way she came across in the music video but I am not sure if the video makers had any choice but to do it the way they did in accomplishing what they were trying to accomplish. In any case I am sure they asked there Rabbonim who weighed the pros and the cons and felt the benefits outwighed the concerns.


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