Aug 24, 2010

Yasamnikim at the Kotel (video)

As a group of Yasamnikim (riot police) prepare to leave for a mission to Haiti, they arrived at the Kotel to daven before their trip..


  1. Why is Israel sending Yasamnikim to Haiti???
    What powers will they have?
    Will they be armed?
    Rafi, please give more info!!

  2. dont know. it is some sort of humanitarian mission.

  3. Wonderful that they stopped at the Kotel before embarking on their trip, and I wish them success, but....

    To me they looked totally out of place asnd uncomfortable at the Kotel. Looked like a bunch of Catholics at a Bar Mitzva...

  4. they were probably looking for someone they could beat up in order to feel more comfortable

  5. who is the rabbi?

  6. that is Rabbi SHmuel Rabinovitch, the rav of the kotel and holy places.

  7. Why so down on it? I think it's delightful to inject a little yahadut into the secular police. And so what if some of them were uncomfortable? If they did a little tefilla each time before going on a mission (both in and outside of Israel), maybe most of them would become more comfortable ... and maybe it would even eventually produce a few new chozrei beteshuva!


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