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Mar 11, 2012

Interview With The Head Of The Lev Tahor Burqa Cult

Here is a fascinating read about a journalist who succeeded in being granted an interview with the leader, Shlomo Helbrans, of Lev Tahor, a long-standing cult of the veiled and burqa women based in Canada. According to the article the leader has never before agreed to grant an interview, and while one must wonder why he now agreed, he only agreed this time after the journalist agreed to listen to 10 hours of lectures in an attempt to make him religious. Maybe no reporter before ever agreed to this demand.

Anyway, the article is part 1 of 2 and is a fascinating piece.

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  1. With almost any cult, there is an "insider" dimension where you can sympathize with what they're trying to do. The question is to what extent it's a good thing to show the positive, human side of an unhealthy entity - whether it's a cult, a serial killer, a dictator, etc.

    Another point - I wish the reporter had made Helbrans take a similar "pledge" - i.e. to forsake Lev Tahor if convinced that he is completely self-deluded.

    1. Lev Tahor Cult, who fled to Guatemala, denied all the accusations. CBC Windsor met Lev Tahor cult member Evil Munster Nachman Helbrand ימ"ח (who is also known as a lire) in Chatham as he was collecting things a family had left behind. He told them that the reason Lev Tahor cult left Canada is because they felt their religious freedom rights were violated.
      It is important to note that while Lev Tahor cult members dress like Chassidim, they are not considered Chassidim, let alone Orthodox Jews, by the majority of the Jewish world. they are a "cult" and cold blooded people just like the Nazis, In fact, All Chassidim in Montreal united to support and protect families who had left Lev Tahor this horrible disgusting cult.
      We object to using the term Haredi or Orthodox regarding these people. They are simply a crazy manipulative sect. They do not accept Torah Sheba'al Peh, the Oral Tradition, therefore they are simply "Apikorsim" and do not follow the Torah of Hashem. Why did the Monster, child abuser, Helbrans move away from Jerusalem? Because if he stayed he could isolate his group with himself and manipulate them, they would have been excommunicated even by the Haredim in Jerusalem.

  2. Helbrans says he was influenced by Dr. Abraham Fuchs. Is this the same Dr. Abraham Fuchs who translated the scandalous The Unheeded Cry for Artscroll?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Anonymous: I don't know why you call it scandalous, but Avraham Fuchs didn't translate it - he wrote it in Hebrew (he was a professional historian.)

  5. Rafi - please make sure to post part 2!

  6. This Chasidic cult “ Lev Tahor” has nothing to do with Judaism.

    This so called “rabbi” Solomon Arez Hell-branz and son Nuchman may not even be Jewish. They are cult-leaders a fraud and always has been.

    Every Jewish organization on earth has been rebuking them even in public, as no different than the David Koresh cult in Waco, or the Jonestown cult. We should be keeping a spotlight on this fraudster as much as possible and call this what it is: A CULT, With lots of public child abuse.

    This cult “leader” and son Nuchman are VERY dangerous man who uses mind-control techniques to pray on the weak minded. Nuchman the son can not be trusted, he is a big lier with out a drop truth.

    Believe it or not, it is VERY easy to start a cult if you want to. All it takes is a few lost souls willing to have a boatload of children for you. ”

    Cult leader: Solomon Arez Helbrans is accused of hitting children with tire irons, forcing loving couples to divorce, forcing little girls into marriage with old men, forcing children to wear small shoes, placing people in solitary confinement, denying people of food, issuing monetary fines, placing little children with strange families against the wishes of parents for periods of two years or more from the age of six months, and forcing people to take psychiatric pills without being diagnosed by doctors.

  7. This cult received $4.3M from an unnamed as a charitable organization? what did they do with this money?

    It was a real-estate deal that was masterminded as how to "launder the money" and use it to purches some properties, for others!!! same time by doing that (using their tax exemption) they avoided the taxes that was due to the Canadian goverment, that had Rachmonus and took in this monster Shlomo Hell-branz into Canada. The person who they did this laundering for, gave them a nice cut $$$$$$$$$$$

    This might be shocking,because after all this cult is very holy, but Nachman (the son of the gangster who led this elegal project) knows it's true!!! this is not made up, Cult leaders when you get caught you will feel the pain that you have caused to so many inisint women and children.
    "Lev Tahor’s Rosner refused to say who provided the $4.3 million but confirmed it was for an unspecified development that “didn’t work out.” thats a lie Rosner is looking for a way out of this. why would he refuse to name the contributer? because they broke the lay by "money laundering".

  8. Unfortunately this Chasidic cult (run by the hell-brans Araz family) is built on deceiving everybody' including the government, for example they are known for not paying their utility bills by claiming that he or she don't live here any longer, using fictitious names, constantly changing the leases and names etc.

    It must have caught up with them, so they had no choice to run out of there as fast as possible, with out giving any prior notice to any of the landlords including some who are Yiddesheh landlords, their attitude in life is "I am a dictator and I can do what ever the hell I want to" but what they don't realize is that the Chilul Hashem that came out of it is unforgivable, it will keep on haunting them. remember Nuchman Arez Hellbranzzzz SHAME ON THIS CULT LEV "LO" TAHOR!!!!


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