Sep 19, 2012

Headline Of The Day

this one made me laugh...

Rabbinate orders hotels not to serve figs

 -- Ynetnews

According to the article, the Rabbanut instructed hotels to not serve figs or asparagus at meals over the High Holidays, due to the need to check these for bugs.

The entire exchange, as you can see in the article, made me laugh. The Rabbanut abdicates it's responsibility, and instead of having its mashgichim check for the bugs they just say "dont serve figs". The hotel people wave the banner of "peirot eretz yisrael" - not a bad argument, but the simanim include dates, not figs, so they could probably could have survived without serving figs over the two days of Rosh Hashana. And his claim of not knowing anyone who has seen a worm in figs is disingenuous. Everyone knows figs have worms - forget about Rabbi Vaye's requirement to practically look under microscopes, with figs it is fairly common. If that means not to eat them or just to check or if their is a way to clean it, that is a different question, but to claim it does not exist is putting on a blinder..

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  1. How hard is it to open the fig and check it oneself?

  2. they probably figure people wont check and will assume it is kosher as per the rabbanut hechsher. i dont know why this is different than people buying figs with a hechsher in the store and taking them home.. maybe the rabbanut should ban all stores and shuks from selling figs.

  3. Everything can be treif, so they should just ban everything if they hold that people have a hazaka of being idiots. By definition a fig that is not opened has not been checked.

  4. Simple solution for dried figs: Buy the figs a year in advance, and keep in a closed container. Then there is no need for checking.
    I have done this at home. They taste fine.


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