Sep 27, 2012

Moshe Abutbol's Yom Kippur Resolution

Perhaps the new year will bring a cleaner and more organized Bet Shemesh.


Because one of Mayor Moshe Abutbol's resolutions for Yom Kippur, in order to merit a positive judgement, was to stop spending his time on Internet forums, specifically the minimum of 10 Whatsapp groups he is involved in on a daily basis.

According to bechadrei, Abutbol wrote a message saying that one his resolutions was to disconnect from all his groups on Whatsapp - he says he reads, responds and defends himself regularly on Whatsapp groups, and it takes too much of his time which should be spent on behalf of the public, besides for the lashon ha'ra, scoffing and various other issurim one is inadvertently transgressing when involved in these discussions. Abutbol thanked those he chatted with for the experiences, but asked that nobody add him to any more groups without first getting his permission (RG: which I assume he will not give, if asked, in light of his resolution), though he can be reached by email and telephone, personally or via his assistants...

I would have thought a mayor would not have time for this, on a regular basis. Perhaps scheduled sessions where he makes himself available to answer questions, or something similar. But to participate regularly in Internet forums while trying to run a complex city? How does he find the time? I would have thought he would have hired PR people to handle that kind of activity, or maybe his spokesperson would deal with it.

Hopefully his resolution will free up enough time for him to dedicate enough time to run the city more efficiently...

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