Sep 23, 2012

SHAS took the hit for DST

I think SHAS is taking a bit of an unfair hit over the Daylight Savings Time issue. It is true, they are responsible, overall, for the decision, as SHAS controls the Ministry of the Interior. However, it is not like SHAS turned it into a fight this year and said they are goign to turn back the clock earlier than scheduled.

There is a law in place, and the clocks were scheduled to be adjusted last night as per that law. Meretz suddenly wakes up and wants it changed, almost at the last minute, and everybody has to scream at SHAS for being the bad guy? I am no big fan of SHAS, but they really were not at fault here. People want the law changed, there is a process. A committee was formed, they offered their opinion, and than it has to go through the legal and political channels. Just because MERETZ wants it changed it has to happen right away? Everybody has to agree and nobody can think otherwise?

Personally I think SHAS should agree to move it. I do not think they need to agree without having discussions and research. And just because I want them to agree does not mean they have to. Different people in politics have different opinions.

SHAS was made to look bad in this instance, and I don't think they deserved it.

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  2. I think that in this particular case, people are making a big deal over nothing. The clocks are going to be changed anyway pretty soon (in 5-6 weeks in Europe and the USA) so what's the big deal with changing them a few weeks earlier?

    There are plenty of other instances, much bigger instances, of kfiya datit that ought to be protested and reversed!

    1. I'm not in Israel, but I really hate it when it starts getting dark early. 5-6 weeks less daylight time would really bother me.

  3. How long did the Supreme Court give the Government to rewrite the Tal law? Yes, there is a process and yes legislation can take time. If Yishai really wanted to pass this fluff legislation, he could have. Comittees are a great way to send legislation to die. The problem is Yishai has said he would pass it but not given himself a lot of wiggle room for an excuse not to follow through.

  4. Actually Shas used to advocate something different with DST - changing it for selichos. Back in the day when they advocated for the working sefardim, it was a big issue that many of their people were going to work for jobs in construction and other labor roles early in the morning, too early to daven. So moving back to IST gave these people the chance to daven with a minyan.


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