Sep 20, 2012

Headline Of The Day

Twist: Netanyahu Is Prepared To Advance in Stages The Plan For Long Weekends

  -- Globes

this is great news. instead of turning down the plan, as he was nearing the time to make a final decision, Netanyahu had another meeting with Silvan Shalom about the possibility of introducing the "long weekend", meaning turning Sunday into an official day off of work, and he decided to advance it in stages. It looks like Netanyahu will declare Sundays as a day off once every few weeks, for now, and then will get feedback from economists and people in the various industries, as to how it appears to be successful or not.

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  1. Good. They are carry out my plan :-) I hope it just stays at once a month. I think that a permanent change in the Israeli work week is a bad idea and will not be good for the economy, our mental health, and especially Shabbat which will be affected for the worse.

  2. It means working later Mondays through Thursdays and therefore having no time to do anything but work and sleep during the week. It also means staying up Thursday night until 4 AM cooking for Shabbos. That's what you call a great idea?

  3. Oh, great! Another "let's be like the goyim!" strategy.

    What happened to Limor Livnat's "We already have a weekend: Friday and Saturday?"

    Where are the Leftists crying for Friday and Saturday, and that it would be better for "our Muslim citizens?"

    I smell Christian involvement here.

  4. yeah, but you smell Christian involvement in everything... :-)


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