Sep 13, 2012

Will Naama Leave Bet Shemesh?

Even if it is not accurate, it is reports like this that are disheartening to some and emboldening to others.

According to the report, Hadassah Margolese said that they are considering leaving Bet Shemesh, despite the fact that the situation has somewhat improved since the hostilities last year.  Some of the extremists have left town, a few extremist kollels have been shut down, and things have gotten quieter.

But, as you can see in the article and interview, she seems frustrated. And worn out. Margolese does not say they are leaving, but she does not rule it out.

Whether it is true or not, accurate or not, almost does not make a difference. This is exactly what the extremists had said would happen - they have a lot of patience and would outlast the other side who would quickly get frustrated and leave.

I know the Margolese family is not leaving so quickly, but that is not where the interview will matter. The interview itself, with the expressions of frustration, provide some sort of victory to the extremists. They will now be able to say that they have worn out their biggest opponents and they have them almost on the brink, they are about to be run out of town... while at the same time other people will be disappointed and say "we are losing, even they might leave.."

I even would not be surprised to soon see an uptick in extremist violence again, as the extremists will take this as a victory..

Will Naama leave Bet Shemesh? I hope not. But whether they do or do not, the interview will have made its mark...

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  1. I can sympathize with the Margolese family and I live in RBS.

    Extremism has many forms and the subtle one are often much more dangerous than the spitting, etc.

    The ban in this community against certain people, schools and organizations is an ugly form of extremism.

    In this case it is perpetrated not by "spitting, yelling thugs" but rather by eloquent Talmidei chochomim with an agenda.

    I sometimes feel that the DL in Sheinfeld are better off with the "kanoim" than we in RBS are with the "moderates".

  2. Wherever she goes... I'm sure Rabbi Lipman won't be too far behind!

  3. I personally know of 5 young families in this situation. 3 bought apts but will live elsewhere and 2 are moving out of BS, because of the oppressing charedi domination. I travel around the country for business, and when I tell people where we're living, their faces grimace; how can any intelligent person live there? B.S. has a terrible reputation elsewhere in the country and overseas among all sectors. Every community has religious, charedi, secular hooligans, but the BS govt sanctions holliganism and religious prejudice in BS by not bringing the full force of law and authority against the hooligans who spread sinat chinum, violate all kinds of laws on a daily basis, and even have the govt sanction such lawlessness.

  4. There is hope-a wonderful man named Shimon Biton formally declared his candidacy for mayor of Bet Shemesh in next years election. He has written a weekly column for years bemoaning the local governments support and intimidation of the reigious extremists

  5. unfortunately, writing kvetchy articles complaining about the mayor does not qualify one to be mayor himself. if it did, I would be eminently qualified as well!

    instead of just saying how he was written articles bemoaning the support of extremists, tell us what he would do differently? how would he encourage diversity nn the city while keeping the peace? how would he make Bet Shemesh a place that is open to all and a place that can grow while improving the commercial aspects as well. and how will he keep the city clean. and everything else a potential mayor must make plans for.

  6. Sorry to be killjoy, but it is a lost cause because one can simply not beat demographics. The Haredim are multiplying in BS/RBS and the others are not and actually made their situation worse by publicizing their problems nationally. The typical God-fearing Zionist wants to avoid machloket, and would rather move away to another location which as more kedusha.

    Learn from Elad. It was supposed to be a 50/50 Haredi/Dati-leumi utopia, but soon after the buying power of the Haredim overtook the others and it is now considered a Haredi city.



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