Sep 19, 2012

Interesting Posts #414

Let's start with a fun video... the shofar man was seen recently in Los Angeles.. now he has been sent to New York to spread his message there as well..

and now, on to the links..

1. Yossi Sarid Concedes Defeat

2. Daily Life in Israel

3. Plugging In Differently on Shabbat - interestingly, a Reform convert comments on a Reform rabbis suggestion that kids watch tv and play video games only on Shabbat and suggests instead that on Shabbat maybe they should plug out instead of plug in.

4. Baalei Teshuva and Aliyah

5. An Olympic-size Embarrassment

6. just say no... to nonsense

7. My Berditchever Moment

8. Military eBay

9. Jerusalem, on the cusp of Rosh Hashana

10. Jewish atheist or Christian Atheist

11. Chassidic Rebbe Discovers Evolution (almost)

12. calling a bochur a chosson

13. 5773: A look back from the future

14.  time to let go

15. Tradition

and I'll add some interesting articles to the list today as well:

1. Starting Over - Gilad Shalit shares his plans for the coming year and talks about dealing with crises

2. Where Ultra-orthodox Girls Study For Bagruyot

3. Mountain Climber Leaves Peres's Flag in Georgia

4. Abbas Proposes Canceling Oslo - go for it. and give us back control of all those Area B and Area C territories...

5. Groom breaks glass at wedding using his mind - this raises an unusual question about whether the custom/tradition was followed or not...good thing he also stepped on one..

6. The Catholic girl who was too jewish - a good description of why intermarriage is a bad idea and does not work out well...

7. The World Baseball Classic Endorses a central precept of Zionism

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  1. Thanks for linking me. a Gmar Chatimah Tovah.

  2. Thank you.

    חתימה טובה

    תזכו לשנים רבות נעימות וטובות


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