Sep 10, 2012

Shana Tova Parking Tickets

As has become a custom of sorts in Tel Aviv, if you plan on being in Tel Aviv on erev Rosh Hashana, you wont need to pay for parking.

In recent years, Tel Aviv has forgiven light parking infractions on erev Rosh Hashana, as a holiday gesture. Drivers who park their cars in "blue and white" spots but dont fill the meter or append a parking slip to the front window, will not be fined. the cars, if caught by a meter maid, will be ticketed, but the ticket will only state what the infraction was and then explain that in honor of Rosh Hashana the fine has been forgiven. Iryat Tel Aviv calls these tickets "Dochot Shana Tova".

Not every infraction will be forgiven though. Parking without filling the meter is an example of what is considered a light infraction. More serious infractions, such as parking in a handicapped spot (if the car is not  authorized to) and parking on the sidewalk, will be ticketed as normal.

So go to Tel Aviv and park for free, but dont park in a handicapped spot! Parkign is normally so expensive that it might be worth going to Tel Aviv just to enjoy parking for free one day!

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  1. you can do a search on google for תל אביב דוחות שנה טובה or some variation of that and you will find very quickly articles from this year back to at least 2007.

    Here is one article about this years announcement
    there are others from mako and ynet and others from this year and previous years


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