Sep 12, 2012

Interesting Posts #412

1. Judaism: Partnership: Make Our Father proud This Year

2. Ari and Jeremy Run For Knesset

3. Iran, Rosh Hashana and what we can do about it

4. Gutter Gateway GoDaddy Gutted

5. US embassies under Muslim attack

6. Kevin Youkilis never played on Yom Kippur... or did he?

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  1. 1. Yom Kippu in 2004 was on Sept 24/25. He didn't play.;year=2004;month=9;nx=on;nh=on;mf=on;ss=on;vis=on;set=off;tag=fp.ql
    2. The game on Sept 27, 2009 was an afternoon game (Sunday)
    3. The game on Sept 28, 2009 was in Toronto, so it started at 7:05PM (with two anthems), and the game doesn't start until after 7:15PM. Sunset in Toronto was at 7:13.

    Not a bad track record in my opinion...

    1. to be clear, I know yom kippur doesn't end at shkia...


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