Feb 17, 2015

an unexpected campaigner for Yesh Atid

I was going to save this video for tomorrow's roundup of newest election campaign broadcasts, but I have decided that it deserves its own post now (and maybe I will also include it tomorrow in the roundup as well).

the latest from Yesh Atid:

Shmuel Chaim Peppenheim is unique in many ways. It surely took a lot of courage for him to be willing to make a campaign video for Yesh Atid.

And the funniest part of it is - Shmuel Chaim Peppenheim does not even vote in the elections.

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  1. Please correct your post. He did not make a video for Yesh Atid. According to him, this was taken from a video he participated in a while back about the general issue of chareidim and the marketplace, and he was not asked about its current usage.

  2. interesting. is he suing for using his image/influence without permission and for misrepresenting him as a supporter of yesh atid? he could probably even claim damage done to his reputation, considering how well such an endorsement would be received in Peppenheims sphere of influence

  3. I have no idea what he is doing in terms of legal options, but this at least what he is claiming.


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