Feb 15, 2015

The Women of Yachad

Things are gearing up for the Yachad party - even the women are finally getting in on the action.

The "Women of Yachad" (coined just now, right here) are setting up their womens division. Kikar reports they had a meeting of womens campaign branch leaders.

As can be seen in the picture, the women, who seem to like to sit very tightly and close with each other, include [at least one] a woman from the "kat hashalim" - the cult of veiled women who wear shals, considered on the more extreme end of the Haredi community.

I find it interesting that such a woman, who focuses so strongly on tzniyus and the need for women to not be seen, to be out as little as possible, would throw herself into being involved in politics and campaigning.

On another note, I guess they need/want representation in the Knesset as well. Why not? They deserve to feel represented just like anyone else.

And on another note, if the kat hashalim women feel represented by Eli Yishai, can others really get their representation from the same people?

And on another note, they are part of the broad umbrella that Yachad is embracing. It is relatively unique of them to represent such a broad spectrum of religious Jewry, and why not also that extreme end of it?

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  1. All that matters is that they are all united for the Party & will add strength and unity to a party that REALLY seem to care about the Yehudim, Torah and Eretz Yisrael. Discussing other things such as what kind of tichel or head coverings they wear, more frum, a little less frum, really doesn't matter (all ridiculousnes). The situation is too dire for narishkeitin and all that matters is the security and kedushat Eretz Yisrael.

  2. The hidush really is to unite religious Judaism. This is providing a vessel for many who never had who to vote for before.


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