Feb 11, 2015

Piron-gate counters Yesh Atid anti-corruption campaign

so, will this mini-scandal MK Rav Shai Piron is involved in hurt the Yesh Atid campaign? Will the other parties, and the press, play it up to counter Lapid's anti-corruption, we-are-so-clean, campaign?

I expect it will just go away and be ignored, with the story disappearing quickly, but let's see.

I don't even understand it. If Piron has a donor that is giving him a lot of money, and then Piron gives the donor's school a lot of money, why doesn't the donor just give his own school the money directly? why do it though a middle-man like Piron?

These guys just pass around money like it is popcorn

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  1. As to your question: Piron needed money for his campaign - he couldn't take that from Misrad HaChinuch.

  2. That could be why it's a scandal in the first place. Chances are that if nothing was amiss, the guy would have donated to the school directly.

  3. Rav(?) think not.


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