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Feb 11, 2015

the new meaning of shmura matza

"Shmura Matza" has a new definition.

It used to mean the wheat was guarded and protected from any minute amount of water having come into contact with the flour, even from the time of the wheat harvest.

That definition is no longer good enough, in today's world. The matza would no longer be kosher enough, if we went by that definition alone.

The owner of a matza factory has decided that he wants to sell matza that was made by workers who do not have non-kosher cellphones. That is how he is advertising his matza in the Hamodia newspaper.

To that end, the owner of the factory purchased new kosher cellphones for all his employees. He also had them sign agreements that if caught with a non-kosher cellphone the person would lose 10% of his salary.

I'm not sure what the agreement was for, as it was also reported that someone was fired after having been caught with a non-kosher cellphone. He got his job back after apologizing and promising to no longer use it. Fired or 10% off? I dont know.

So, shmura matza guarded from water is just so passe. Now shmura matza has to be guarded from cellphones.

source: Kikar

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1 comment:

  1. If the flour would come in contact with water, they'd throw it out. If they'd realize later, they'd recall the batches of matza made with it.

    Not so with the workers - they're just being "watched." But if they're found using a smartphone, it doesn't sound like the relevant batches of matza are getting tossed, or downgraded for that matter.


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