Feb 17, 2015

do not waste votes on a small party

I am not one who pays too much attention to polls prior to elections.. I find them interesting for the indication of trends, but I normally do not put too much weight on the details they proffer.

The latest polls made me laugh just enough to make me decide it is worth a comment..

The interesting part of the latest polls is that Shas, in the polls, is standing tall at winning just 4 seats. That is barely scraping the top of the minimum threshold.

I think it is worth a comment - of how the tables have turned.

Shas, as well as others especially in the Haredi (but not limited to) electoral community, has made a big deal about not voting for small parties that are a risk of not passing the threshold. Tens of thousands of votes that might be thrown right into the garbage.

So, the tables have now turned. Based on the latest polls, I'd like to hear Shas and UTJ, and others, make a big announcement about not supporting small parties that are at risk of not passing the threshold. They should announce that it is assur to vote Shas for that very reason. Shas should show some responsibility and backbone and withdraw from the race so as not to be responsible for tens of thousands of potentially wasted votes.

It is not going to happen, and I am pretty sure they will get more than 4 seats, but seeing the polls made me laugh and think of that.

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  1. Hmm... That's pretty low for Sha"S.

    Where did the votes go? Yishai? That's interesting question.

    Of course, I like how you're calling them out on this. :-)

  2. I dont know enough to answer that question, but here are my thoughts. on the radio they keep saying eli yishai is not taking any significant number of votes from shas. aryeh deri himself said it the other day.
    i think it is true because yishai himself is barely over the threshold, and I think most of his votes are from chardal and more extreme right.
    that may change as more rabbis have started signing support for his party, but as of now that seems to be the case.
    I would add that it seems the more traditional (rather than haredi) shas voters are leaving for parties like Likud, Kahlon and Habayit Hayehudi, and maybe a small percentage to Yishai


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