Feb 23, 2015

Don't mess with our mayor!

Nir Barkat, mayor of Jerusalem, can basically do whatever he wants right now. he has achieved such popularity by his actions yesterday that he has already won reelection for mayor, if he would run again. If he wanted to run for prime minister he'd probably win that in a landslide.

What other mayor would act like Batman and save his citizens from terror attacks. Who else in a position similar to hi would choose to attack the terrorist rather than sit safely ensconced in his secure car and let the security guards take care of it or be satisfied with calling the police/army? What other mayor can say he has put his own life on the line to save people in his city?

Don't mess with our mayor! People should move to Jerusalem just to be able to vote for him! Barkat's heroic efforts seem to have given the people a bit of a swell in the chest, pride, bravado.

And Barkat did not just show himself as a brave hero. The injured victim thanked Barkat for being sensitive and placing upon him, while injured on the ground, his coat to keep him warm. Barkat said he realized the ground was icy and cold and put the coat on him. Not only is he a hero and courageous, but sensitive as well!

In a moment of humor I suggested the headline for the report on the Associated Press.. I would suggest a headline like:
Jerusalem mayor attacks Palestinian man with a knife near East Jerusalem border

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1 comment:

  1. Our mayor (Beit Shemesh) can't (not willing to ???) even protect 8 year old girls from being harassed (by grown men)


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