Feb 16, 2015

The Anglo Vote

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, the Jewish Press, among others, will be hosting a live debate in English with members of various parties running for Knesset in the elections.

If you want to be informed about the parties and their positions, in English, you should try to attend this debate.

details from the site:


Where: Cinema City, Jerusalem
When: Wednesday evening, February 25th, 2015
Time: 18:30
Cost: NIS 35, Includes dairy reception and restaurant vouchers


6:30 PM Meet the Parties: Dairy Reception and Booths

7:30 PM Opening Remarks: Stephen Leavitt, Editor in Chief, JewishPress.com

7:35 PM


One-on-One Conversations with top party leaders

Moderator: Yishai Fleisher, Contributing Editor JewishPress.com

to buy tickets to the event: The Anglo Vote

participants form the parties will include Benny Begin (Likud), Hilik Bar (Zionist Union), Ayelet Shaked (Habayit Hayehudi), Ashley Perry, Yisrael Beyteynu, Yoni Chetboun (Yachad) and others at this point still unnamed (or undecided).

This is a great initiative. Instead of just having to formulate your thoughts based on who put out the cutest or funniest or most shocking video on any given day, or who released the sharpest soundbite to the media, you can actually find out what each party stands for.

If you had an opportunity to ask the candidates a question, what would you ask?

I think my question would be regarding Israel's societal problems. I would ask something to the effect of - our society in Israel has serious rifts. Each group thinks a different one is responsible for Israel's bad situation - taking money or abusing power or whatnot. Either it is the haredim, or the settlers, or the tycoons,  etc..

So, my question is, how do we solve problems and ensure equality - of service, of distribution of resources, etc. while increasing cooperation and participation of the various sectors and without turning each issue into a battle that is all or nothing? For example, it is though that bringing the haredim in to the next government, no matter who leads it, will require a compromise to the tune of reversing, at least almost completely, the "shivyon bnetel" legislation of the last government. Yet, doing so will renew the sense of inequality of service and provide that point of anger to be renewed as it was in the past. How do we go about making service for the haredim to be equal somewhat to that fo the rest of society, i.e. not reversing the legislation, at least not completely, while also making it acceptable to the Haredim. Another example - funding development of the settlements. No matter your political belief as to a peace solution and two states, and all that, until that happens the people living in judea and Samaria need development and investment - how do we support those communities while also working towards peace without maligning them or making it impossible for them to flourish. How do we solve the issues without ramming things down people's throats in ways that will cause them to reject change?

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