Feb 24, 2015

Headline of the Day

Qurei to Livni: "I'd vote for you"

  -- Al Jazeera

Ahmed Qurie is the former Palestinian Prime Minister

considering how the article goes on to describe how Livni gave in so little to the Palestinians in negotiations, and so little progress was made in the peace process, I don't understand why they support Livni.

That being said, if that is who the Palestinians want, I would presume it is because they think they have the upper hand with her. Maybe they think her alliance with Herzog would now make her more flexible than in her previous incarnations. Whatever the reason they think they are better off with Livni, it makes me think our interests are better served with Livni's opponent.

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1 comment:

  1. i assume he adores her because she 'seemed' to put up a good fight but they know in the end, they'd get everything from her. I've read in a few places that a 'Palestinian catastrophe' would be if Israel would just give them everything. It would make them look impotent because it is so important for them to show, the Arab culture, that they fought for the land against a strong adversary and won it with bravery and heroism. They don't like Netanyahu because they don't believe he is sincere with his two state solution. But Livni is another story.


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