Feb 22, 2015

election campaign broadcasts (video)

would we be here if Ben Gurion wouldn't have done the right thing?

Habayit Hayehudi
mishenichnas adar marbin bslicha

Kulanu Kahlon
who are you to step on Yair Lapid?

meet Arele from the bank

a waste of the rainforests

the elderly's consumer ban of Givat Olga

Aleh Yarok
not sure because of the threshold?

the power is in our hands


dont repeat the same mistake 3 times

Hamachane Hatzioni
from the desk of MK erel Margalit

MK Stav Shafir's unforgettable address to the Knesset

Kulanu Na Nach

some ideas

psychological mutations

Yachad - Ha'Am Itanu
together, all the kippot, all the streams..

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