Feb 19, 2015

election campaign broadcasts (video)

is anybody still not sure?

Yesh Atid
Dovid's story - fighting for "shivyon bnetel"

Kulanu Kahlon
what do the party leaders not talk about

the video that is 1000 times more anti-viral, about what Yesh Atid did in knesset

Eli Alaluf on the new poor

Habayit Hayehudi
Minister Uri Ariel under investigation for his "tochnit garin"

we need Habayit Hayehdui big and strong

Tzippi is a danger to the State

Hamachane Hatzioni
Stav Shafir: where is the money?

who we are

Green Leaf
marijuana use during pregnancy and while nursing

Kulanu Na Nach

Yachad - Ha'Am Itanu

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