Feb 22, 2015

the Torah that fell

For the first time in my life I witnessed a sefer torah fall to the floor this past shabbos.

It was a shocking, and horrifying, experience for everyone present.

The torah was not dropped by anybody, but the table it was standing on (it was a sefardi sefer torah) collapsed, sending the torah to the floor.

The rabbi at the minyan, an ad hoc minyan arranged as part of the celebration of a simcha, announced that each person should pick a day this week and fast that one day. Those who can't fast should give tzedaka.

The rabbi also spoke about taking a message from the sefer falling and committing to improve decorum in the shul. He specifically suggested people put an end to the custom, as he did in his own shul, of throwing candy. The rabbi said that even though throwing candy at a chosson has very good and old sources, it often leads to a breakdown in decorum as some people then have fun and throw candy at other people in shul besides for the chosson.

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  1. Maybe the message is that people shouldn't have ad-hoc minyanim in places where there are proper shuls...

  2. RavTzair - Ouch! Perhaps the group of people cannot find an existing shul that provides proper decorum for the simcha? Perhaps the shuls are not willing to host the simcha other than an aliyah or two?

    Rafi, I'm even affected by hearing about what happened. B"H, I'll give tzedakah to add something positive.

    1. the ad hoc minyan is an easy way of having all your guests without taking over a shul where you likely wouldnt have enough seats for your guests.
      improving decorum was what he suggested as a positive action in response. I dont think he was saying that poor decorum was the cause.

      yasher koach


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