May 18, 2016

Masorti Conversion in Israel (video)

interesting clip, but I was not aware that their conversions are already taking place and are recognized in Israel. I thought they were fighting for that right.

UPDATE: I have been told that the Interior Ministry recognizes such converts as Jewish, but the Rabbanut does not. The political and social fight happening in Israel over this is whether or not to force the Rabbanut to recognize these converts as Jewish.

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  1. The only thing I can say is that the Masorti movement have excellent public relations, whilst the Chief Rabbinate has absolutely none. Which is why they are succeeding in misleading these innocent souls.

    1. And it does not help either that Tzhor-like / alternative DL beit din are promoting that you do not have to convert through the Rabanut.

  2. If they would 'force' the Rabbanut to accept these converts and the Rabbanut would allow themselves to go along with such an edict, then who needs the Rabbanut as they would prove to be worthless and there would be no standards at all. Only the individual Jew would need to protect himself from all the fraud going on.


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