May 15, 2016

Picture of the Day

I had a hard time choosing between these, so I offer them all to you:

1. Behadrei can consider a frum soldier a kiddush hashem... and, the image itself without Behadrei's comment is potd worth itself

2. Yom Haatzmaut picnic barbecues is part of Israeli tradition for the day. Anyone who goes camping during summers in Israel is familiar with the sight of the Israeli family out camping or picnicking with tables and chairs, generators and air conditioners, fans, microwaves, etc.
In this picture you will see a family that went Yom Haatzmaut picnicking and brought along their refrigerator!

3. no comment necessary

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  1. Come on; you have to tell us more about the third, incredible picture. Please!

  2. I dont know anything definitive about it. I did see different descriptions, but some of them were contradictory of each other, and I don't know what is true.

  3. "microwaves" -- Israelis take microwaves on a picnic or camping?

  4. and sandwich makers, and toasters, coffee machines, etc


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