Feb 7, 2018

Picture of the Day

this definitely needs a good caption!

how about, "Women of Chabad", or "tefillin booths not just for Chabadniks anymore", or "have you put on tefillin yet today, or in your lifetime"?

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  1. Demonstration of how women should put Tfillin in the middle of the forehead to make sure that you don't accidentally break tradition by putting on Tfillin in a Kosher manner (above the hairline)

  2. Proves that there is a rabid agenda by the WOW crazies and the clueless who fall for their chilul H'. What these whackos are having a problem with at the Wall are now bringing it to the streets! One doesn't know what to expect, everyday a new mishagas!

  3. לֹא יִהְיֶה כְלִי גֶבֶר עַל אִשָּׁה (see Targum)

    BTW, is the mere 5 straps on the arm a way of protesting the wage gap ratio?

  4. “It’s the hottest look in town”
    “Where’s the left side?”
    “My Rabbi said wearing leather is not tznius”
    “You’re on candid camera”
    “This plus $100 to Kupat Haier will help get you a shidduch”
    “Rashi’s daughters wore these and high heels”

  5. Its not chabad. There's no picture of the rebbe around. (Can you put a shel rosh over a sheitel? Its probably not a chatzitza.)


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