Sep 10, 2006


I apologize in advance to you if you do not see new posts as often as usual over the next few days, and if I am not responding to comments or commenting on your blogs. I have been and will be unusually unavailable over the next few days.

On Thursday my 7 year old son fell down in school on a fence (don't ask) and ended up with a metal pole in his leg. He got some stitches but over shabbos it looked infected. Last night we went to the hospital and it was deemed to be infected. He was admitted. Today they ripped open his stitches and cleaned out the infection. Hopefully he will get better fast and get to go home. I slept with him last night and will be there tonight replacing my wife...

Tomorrow evening I will be having arthroscopic surgery on my knee.

On Friday my computer exploded. I bought it about 5 years ago and it was already then about a year old..

So I have and will have little time in the near fututre for blogging. When I can, I will.

Some interesting things noticed:

1. about 98% of the doctors and nurses in Shaarei Tzedek hospital are wearing Crocs.

2. (my wife pointed out to me) The reason why someone admitted ot a hospital is called a patient is because that is exactly what he needs - patience. Everything is so slow in the emergency room. We got there about 10:30 pm last night and until everything was done and he was sent to a room was 2:30 AM. We were exhausted and frustrated by then. You must have patience.

3. The girl in the bed next to my sons had an mistaken appendicitice. They took out the appendix and found it to be clean. Poor girl. Good thing doctors have no idea what the appendix is for anyway, so hopefully she will not miss it too much. Hopefully her pains went away, because it would be really nasty if they took it out and she still had her stomach pains..


  1. That reminds me of the time i had to get a broken finger fixed while i was here in israel for yeshiva. As a result of the doctor's "fixing", i had to have 2 more surgeries, and 15 weeks of physical therapy, just to fix the doctor's "fixing". (needless to say, i went back to the states to have those surgeries).
    Its nice that doctors are wearing crocs, does that mean that their feet are sterile too?
    Hope your son, your knee and your computer have a quick and full refuah shleimah.

  2. refuah sheleimah! hope everything goes well for you and your son.

  3. whats - good thing they only took out her appendix and not something more serious!!! considering your story...

    whats and Sarah - thank you for your good wishes.

  4. Refua Shlema - to your son and all Klal Yisrael.
    I was shocked to read that 98% in the hospital wear crosses. Do they have crosses in the rooms? Be very careful.
    Short story: a kid was extremely sick and dad wanted to put him in hospital and mom didn't becuz it was a hospital run by nuns. Dad "won" and the hospital saved the kid's life. Kid came home and grew up but was never the same. AT age 60, they found his body; he committed suicide. He wrote a letter to Hevre Kadishe explaining why he killed himself. When he was a kid, he was put in non-Jewish hospital and everytime, they gave him medicine, the dr. and nurses said some latin prayer and ever since recovering, he had an urge to convert to catholic. The urge was too strong... He managed to fight the urge for years, but now his wife was dead and the children moved away, he was all alone and the urge got so strong -- he preferred to kill himself as a Jew and not die as a christian...
    The Hevre Kaddishe gave him a proper Jewish burial....
    Something to think about....

    Maybe put your precious son in a Jewish hospital.

  5. Refuah shlemah!!

    That was crocs, a type of shoes, not crosses chas vechalilah!!

  6. nava - crocs it is.. the popular shoe/slipper being worn nowadays.. not crosses. That is an amazing story!!!

    Mother- thanks for clarifying the corcs.. amen to all your wishes...

  7. thanks for clearing it up... Anyway it's an amazing story and much to learn from... so, hakol letova...
    Please give us your son's full hebrew name - I'd like to daven for him
    thank you and refua shlema

  8. raf:

    1. refuah shelaimah to all
    2. remember your roommates appendix story from yeshiva? talk about patience!
    3. nava's story - don't get me started, oh please, but if some of you draw strength from it, whatever.
    4. how's the goose?

  9. The goose must die.

  10. Gosh, good luck to you both, I hope you both have speedy recoveries.

  11. nava - thanks. michael moshe ben shifra miriam.

    shaya - goose is fine.

    anon - go kill your own goose. my kids wont let me kill mine.

    baleboostah - amen. thanks.

  12. Oyy what a week you had, refuah shelaima to your son and to you.

  13. refu'ah shelemah.

    re. crocs: supposedly they are very comfortable and this is why probably why the docs all wear crocs. i recently took my son to terem a couple of times and saw many workers there also wearing crocs.

    btw, jameel had a post a few months ago devoted to crocs

  14. refuah shleima to you and your son

  15. Refuah Schleima to you and your son. I hope you both have speedy recoveries.


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  16. thank you all for your good wishes..
    ari - I saw it way back when, dot co dot il did as well


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