Oct 2, 2009

Gilad in Gaza

The government and the Shalit family have received the tape of Gilad in Gaza. They are still unsure of whether or not to allow it to be broadcast on television to the public.

How can the Shalit family, or the government, even consider not publicizing the video? They have made their sons situation one connected to the public. They have rallied the masses on his behalf. Now that they get a sign, how can they not share it with us?

Supposedly the tape shows him in good health. Thank God and I am happy to hear this as a first step, even if the price of 20 Palestinains for one videotape is a bit exorbitant.

But I don't see what "right" they have to not share the video with us, after the way they have involved all of us very directly in the fight to get Gilad freed.


  1. I disagree.

    The anguish of the Shalit family is deeply personal.

    The fact that they rallied the public around their cause to the point where the public took the cause upon themselves as if it was its own was the family's only option if they ever wanted to see their son again. What were the chances of ever reaching even this stage if not for the public campaign?

    No matter how interested or upset or distressed an individual may get about the situation, no one can claim to have the same feelings as the family themselves.

    "We have the right to know" is not a valid argument here. All we (the public) can say to the Shalit family is, "Gilad has been on our mind and in our prayers for so long, we too feel a connection to him and would greatly appreciate seeing at least a sign of life".

  2. I agree with you that they are far more involved than everyone else. That is why they have the right to make even unreasonable demands on the government (not that the govt has to listen and accept, but they cannot be criticized for making them).

    I have no problem with them taking time to see the tape in private and analyze it and memorize it. Even if it takes a few days. But at the end, eventually, we should all be allowed to see it.

  3. I see it is now a moot discussion - Haaretz just announced that Noam Shalit approved the broadcast of the video to the public.

  4. I think its on YouTube, the transcript is on the Post website (They may have the video too)

  5. I think they should not have released it. No, it is not our right to see it, only the government's and his family.What good did it do us to watch this horror show? and now the world has seen it and says, ok, he's fine, what's the big deal? they should have said they saw it and he looked pale and weak and was given a prepared statment to read, in which they forced him to say he has been treated well and covered up 90% of his body, so the extent of his scars and wounds is unknown. was it just me, or did he look like his teeth were broken/rotting? it was hard to see them. I think releasing this video was a mistake...

  6. I agree - so long as the Arabs themselves don't release the tape publicly, those in charge should use it to their advantage. Not some public "right to know" dominating things.


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