Oct 21, 2009

Burqa bus

If you thought it was dangerous to ride public transportation because of all the stories in the past of Arab terrorists dressing up like religious Jews and getting on buses, this growing phenomenon of Burqa ladies makes it even more precarious.

A haredi woman, the crazy extreme kind of women who have taken tzniyus to the extreme to the point where they wear burqas, got onto a bus - a mehadrin bus. because of her burqa, she was suspected of being an Arab. After all, Jews don't really wear burqas - Arabs do.

Somebody called the cops thinking there was a potential terrorist on the bus (by the way - not every Arab on a bus is a terrorist, but somebody must have been nervous and called the cops). They boarded the bus and it took a few minutes but in the end they found out it was a crazy jewish woman and not an Arab terrorist...

Close call.

(source: Ladaat)

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