Oct 8, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

It is strange that the rav - who is the gadol hador - is regularly portrayed in the media as an extreme person, who only recently we heard about him criticism from the media and leftists that he fans the flames of the shabbos fights in Jerusalem. And suddenly, when the rav says something that is in line with the worldview of the left, and speaks against "starting up with the nations" suddenly his words are treated as the "holy of holies". Peres goes to visit him in the sukka and the media spin goes into gear pointing fingers at the Jews, and not against the people of the Islamic Movement who heated up and sparked the flames on Har Habayit....Would they do the same if Rav Elyashiv would come out and say what the halacha is about what should be done to those who are mechallel shabbos according to halacha? Would we see the same headlines, with the same level of adoration, if Rav Elyashiv would say what his opinion is regarding the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem?

---- Itamar Ben-Gvir, on the adoring headlines Rav Elyashiv received regarding his statement earlier today that Jews are not allowed up on Har Habayit


  1. Why is this the qotd? There are no chiddushim here.

  2. it makes qotd because somebody actually said it and not just thought it

  3. I had the same thought myself

  4. He's surprised that the leftist media is self-serving?

    Although I hardly believe that RE would hold these mechalelei shabbos responsible for their behavior. Ignorant, yes. Mechalel shabbos bfarhesia they are not.


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